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About Course

Unlock the magic of storytelling with Spectrum Film School’s online screenwriting course. Dive into the art of crafting scripts for film, TV, and video games, blending top-tier practices from screenwriting literature, video tutorials, and blogs. Join us to unleash your narrative potential and master the craft of creating unforgettable stories.

What Will You Learn?

  • Basic characteristics of screen story
  • Development of a basic storyline
  • Story structures including The Three Act Structure and alternate story structures
  • Characters and developing character outlines
  • The construction of scenes including the role of dialogue and character voice
  • The workflow for writing a first draft of feature film screenplay
  • The process for screenplay formatting
  • Writing – and finishing – a first draft

Course Content

Introduction to screenwriting

  • An Introduction to Screenwriting
  • Where could this course take me?
  • What and how will I learn?

Developing the idea

Story structure

The plot arc

The Fundamentals Of Screenwriting

Script Library

Outlines and Treatments

How to Write a Logline

Writing a first draft


Finishing your script

Your Next Step As A Writer